Collapsible Wire Pallet Container


A gate on the front and door on the side ensure easy access. Metal supports for secure positioning, modelled feet for stability, collapsible, stackable. The container can be equipped with wheels to become a roll container. The interior can be fitted with a plastic lining.

Extensive range of accessories, including:

  • Intermediate grid shelf
  • Cover
  • Internal PP (polypropylene) plastic lining
  • Wheels

Additional accessories available on request


Item No. GB-128296-FDP
Exterior dimensions, W x D x H (Total height) 1223 x 820 x 960 mm
Internal dimensions, W x D x H (Effective height) 1155 x 755 x 805 mm
Dimensions when folded, W x D x H 1223 x 820 x 330 mm
Load capacity 800 kg
Product weight 50 kg
Mesh size 60 x 120 mm and 40 x 115 mm
Stacking capacity 3+1 (static) 1+1 (dynamic)
Surface Galvanised zinc finish

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