Coupling System for Connecting Shelf Trolleys to Laundry Containers

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Coupling system for connecting shelf trolleys to laundry containers: Quick and secure,

meets the highest hygiene standards (wash and disinfection resistant). Designed for 3950
CR,3950/2 CR and 4000 CR shelf trolleys. Registered for patent approval.

Picture 1: A double laundry container coupled onto the back of a shelf trolley series XA 3950/3830

Picture 2: Quick, secure coupling with the use of the foot pedals. Uncouple the trolleys by pressing the pedals again. Single units do not have extended coupling shafts.

Item Coupling system
Order number XA3950/3830
Description Coupling system for 3950 CR, 3950/2 CR and 4000 CR trolleys, and 1 3830 CR laundry cage

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