Coupling System for Connecting Shelf Trolleys to Laundry Containers

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Coupling system for connecting shelf trolleys to laundry containers: Quick and secure, meets the highest hygiene standards (wash and disinfection resistant) Designed for 3950 CR, 3950/2 CR and 4000 CR shelf trolleys. Registered for patent approval.

Picture 1: A double laundry container coupled onto the back of a shelf trolley series XA 3950/383

Picture 2: Quick, secure coupling with the use of the foot pedals. Uncouple the trolleys by pressing the pedals again. Single units do not have extended coupling shafts.

Item Coupling system 2
Order number XA3950/3835
Description Coupling system for 3950 CR, 3960/2 CR and 4000 CR trolleys, and 2 3835 laundry cages

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