Laundry Cabinet Trolley for Supply and Waste Disposal

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Made from light alloy metal, AlMg3, anodised, (10 microns). Hinged, collapsible
intermediate shelves; the top shelf folds backwards and the bottom shelf folds forwards. Bottom protective frame made from rubber. Doors pivot to 270° and can be held open on the sides using magnets. Bolt lock with clamps on top and bottom. Push handle on one of the fronts. Torsion-free, stable base frame. Top fitted with 4 rubber corner guards. 2 fixed and 2 swivel castor wheels ø 200 mm, grey rubber, non-marking.

Accessories, e.g:

  • Wheels with break locks

Additional accessories available on request


Item 3020 CR 2550 CR
Order number RH3020ON001 RH2550ON001
Exterior dimensions, W x D x H
(Total height including wheels, ø 200 / ø 125 mm)
965 x 700 x 1725 mm 800 x 600 x 1660 mm
Interior dimensions, W x D x H (Effective height) 865 x 620 x 1405 mm 700 x 540 x 1420 mm
Volumes 753 litres 540 litres
Product weight 45,70 kg 41,50 kg
Load capacity of the intermediate shelves 80 kg each 70 kg each
Load capacity of the base 120 kg 100 kg
Total load capacity 250 kg 140,00 kg
Distance between the shelves Top shelf: 436 mm, middle shelf: 446 mm, bottom shelf: 470 mm Top shelf: 351 mm, middle shelf: 432 mm, bottom shelf: 637 mm
Set of wheels 2 castor and 2 fixed wheels ø 200 mm, grey, rubber 2 castor and 2 fixed wheels ø 200 mm, grey, rubber

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