Transport Trolley for Dirty Laundry Bags

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Made from light alloy metal, AlMg3, anodised, (10 microns). Sides with reinforced ribbing.
The front panel consists of 2 parts and the top half folds down forwards onto the bottom. 2/3 of the hinged lid can be locked in an open position using the nylon hinges (130°). 1 push handle on one of the fronts.
Torsion-free, stable base frame. 2 fixed and 2 swivel castor wheels ø 160 mm, grey rubber, non-marking.

Extensive range of accessories, including:

  • Protective frame made from light alloy metal (standard)
  • Solid rubber shock protectors made from grey rubber
  • Wheels with break locks

Additional accessories available on request


Item 2050 CR 2050 CR with rubber protective frame
Order number RD2050ON001 RD2050ON191
External dimensions, W x D x H
(Total height including wheels, ø 160 mm)
1055 x 640 x 1440 mm 1100 x 650 x 1425 mm
Internal dimensions, W x D x H mm
(Effective height)
1000 x 600 x 1190 mm 1000 x 600 x 1165 mm
Volumes 714 litres 699 litres
Product weight 37,50 kg 47,60 kg
Total load capacity 180,00 kg 180,00 kg
Wheel alignment 2+2 2+2
Set of wheels 2 castor and 2 fixed wheels ø 160 mm, grey, rubber 2 castor and 2 fixed wheels ø 160 mm, grey, rubber

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